Remote Cell Phone Spyware Installation: Possible Or Not?

Remote Cell Phone Spyware InstallationWith an increased virtualization and internet connections with blazing speed, we have a whole new possibility of downloading, setting up and employing softwares remotely. Installing up softwares on the go and remotely might be a convenience, provided by certain software providers. But considering the flaws and risks involved in doing so, it’s better not to install the softwares remotely. However, since we are going to talk about remote cell phone spyware installation, the concern is totally offbeat!

While it may be usual for some softwares to claim the remote installation part, it certainly is not possible in case of cell phone spy programs. So, if you have been hoping around internet searching for a spy app that could be installed remotely, you should better read this post..

Note: Remote Installation of  software (any) can’t be assumed to take place automatically, on the contrary it is only possible if one uses a software such as TeamViewer.

The big question still lingers on, is it possible to install a cell phone monitoring app from a remote location?

Perhaps not! Reason being, this software needs to be directly downloaded in the target cell phone. And in order to install the software and ensure it’s working, you will have to pay wee bit attention to it. Moreover, the APP CAN NOT BE INSTALLED REMOTELY! Sorry for putting it in caps, but it just can’t be installed that way…

What can be done remotely is the monitoring part! Yes, the app lets you monitor every information that gets fetched from the target cell phone remotely – that is the whole concept of this app *wink*. Remote cell phone monitoring through the app lets you keep a low profile, in fact an invisible one, since the app is not detectable in the cell phone and you stay behind a control panel that only you can access. This way you can continue doing your daily chores, and maybe at the end of the day take a look at the monitored information!

Rounding up, there’s no way you can install a cell phone monitoring software remotely; you will need to access it first!

4 Genuine Justifications For You To Monitor A Mobile Phone

Considering to use a cell phone spy app? Well if you are, then it is a big deal since there are no fun reasons behind when one want to monitor a mobile phone. To blow off some steam off this issue, one important thing to remember is that, you have to have the target phone in your reach, i.e. you must have access to it. So, if you come across any software or app that says that it can be installed remotely, then you should steer clear!

As far as your reasons or excuses are concerned for having the urge to spy on a cell phone, lets discuss why you would want such an app and what could be the reasons behind it..

4.Your Spouse Might Be Cheating On You
Cheating among partners or couples isn’t a “living under a rock” situation, and one may find these things happening much more frequent. So if you have a tiniest doubt lurking on your mind that your spouse is cheating on you
(No, we’re not trying to ignite fire!just trying to help) then this may be one of the best justification to let you move ahead with your cell phone spy program investigation.

3.You Want To Prevent Your Phone From Misplacing

If you belong to the group of people who act early before things happen, then this is another best justification to get yourself a cell phone spying software. Why?
In case you foresee that you may misplace your phone (no offense that you’re clumsy!) or maybe it could get stolen due to the sensitivity of the data your phone stores, then you can have this software pre-installed in your phone and keep a track of its location using the GPS tracking Feature.

2.You’re Concerned About Your Children’s Safety
If you have teen kids and don’t want to judge them based on their rebellious nature, but still want to make sure that they’re safe from all kinds of dangers, say for example your kids are pretty active on social networking websites,


and you know it for a fact that they have unwanted people in their friend list, then you have to have this app installed in their cell phone.

1.You Know Your Employee Is Giving Away Info
Its great to have loyal workers, but what if you come to know that one of your employee is playing for keeps and mishandling your company’s confidential information, perhaps selling the info to your competitors? Want to know what they’re doing behind your back, and whom they talk to? Certainly it is another essential justification to go ahead with some mobile phone spying.

employee listening

So if any of the above mentioned reasons seem like your real life situation, then you should consider getting an effective cell phone monitoring app that will ease your doubts and get you the following information:
SMS logs
Email logs
Image Gallery
GPS location
Phone Book list
Call logs etc

What makes the deal more sweeter is that the app uploads all the information from the host phone to your cell phone spying online account in real time, which means the phone relies on an internet connection for a sturdy synchronization. Moreover if any information gets deleted from the monitored cell phone, it will still be available to you in the online account. This is what you need to get all your doubts some evidence!

2014′s Top 3 Remote Phone Spying Software!

Ever Since smartphones have made a strong base in the market, so have apps made their presence known! It is so convenient for people to do almost anything with their smartphones, not to forget how apps makes doing chores all the way easy! These apps have bridged the gap, and it is the real deal! For instance, its quite peculiar when you hear somebody say that they’re not on WhatsApp!

For now, lets focus on 2014’s Top 3 remote phone spying software, the softwares which incredibly help to reveal the truth by monitoring a user’s cell phone. All of this is done by staying covert, which takes away the risk of you getting caught. So if you want to know which apps are the best for monitoring purposes, then keep on reading..




mSpy is one of the best and reliable phone spying software, easily available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Without any inconvenience you can easily put up the software in smartphones based on the mentioned operating system, and get started with the monitoring. You can remotely spy on sms, email, calls, instant messaging applications, call logs and much more. Whatever your monitoring needs are, you can rely on mSpy’s advanced features which will meet all your requirements.

For more information visit here :


stealhgunieStealthGenie is one of the leading software in the field of cell phone spying world! As the name suggests, it is fully stealth and it does all the monitoring remotely. Though available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, we recommend using StealthGenie iPhone Spy. It is a unique and diverse remote iPhone Spy that helps in covering up each and every single activity of the iPhone that gets monitored. While it does spying, you stay behind the covers and get all the updates in the control panel.

For more information visit here :


Spymaster Pro

spymaster proSpymaster Pro is one of the most trusted software when it comes to monitoring an Android phone. It is also compatible with iOS and BlackBerry. It is one of the most easy to use remote Android spy app that lets you keep a track of all the activities that happen over the monitored android phone. All of the monitored information gets delivered right into your dashboard, from where you can download the proofs as and when required. Spymaster Pro is an ace when it comes to remote and stealth spying.


For more information visit here :

These are the top 3 remote phone spying programmes for the year 2014, lets see how better they can get with the entire year up ahead of them! Fingers crossed!!

How To Use Spy Gadgets For Home Secuirty?

The phenomenal odds of using spy gadgets were at first introduced by the famous spy movies. A wide range of spying gadgets used in these movies moved the imagination of common people to use and experience the benefits of these extraordinary machines. Now, with the advancement in technology it has become possible for people to acknowledge the awe associated with these spectacular gadgets. These appliances are currently accessible in the market for a large range of applications: Surveillance, espionage, monitoring criminal activities and gathering evidence. Along with proving useful for these applications, spy gadgets also prove to be of great help in DIY (Do it yourself) home security projects.


One of the most crucial fears that anyone experiences is related to protecting his/her home and property. Even after adopting the precautionary measures at home one is not sure whether his/ her capital is safe. The assorted locks still get picked and the walls get scaled by the intruders. Here is when spy gadgets come into play. These surveillance equipments help you to monitor activities surrounding your wealth and assist you in taking the necessary actions. You can have ample proof as evidence as these gadgets help you in identifying these suspicious people.

Below is a list of some of the best spy gadgets that you can use for home security:


GPS tracker serves to be of tremendous help in tracking locations. It needs to be installed in a cell phone. It identifies the position of the cell phone in which it is installed, and that location gets bordered on a map that you can easily access after logging in your user account. With the help of this tracking software you can conveniently monitor family members and employees. All their details including the places they visit, their hangouts, where they are currently etc. will be provided to you.

This amazing tracking software can be comfortably installed in the device. Not only in tracing locations, GPS tracker also helps in monitoring the activities of the target mobile phone.


These cameras prove to be beneficial for long term security examination and are turned on whenever motion in a specific coverage area is encountered. The motion sensors stimulate the camera to begin recording and signals are sent out through WI-FI or GSM and the owner’s cell phone is immediately communicated regarding any invaders.


These cameras can be placed surreptitiously inside your room, garage or hallway without transgressors knowing about it. Camouflaged cameras come in different shapes including the shapes of radios, plants, smoke detectors, clocks and any other standard device at home.

Night vision camera


These cameras are used to capture photographs in minimal or no light. They make the use of infrared light to capture images thereby catching intruders probing in the dark.

Pinhole cameras can be conveniently placed in places where it is not possible to install the CCTV cameras.

How To Spy On Text Messages Remotely?

HSMS Spying ow To Spy On Text Messages Remotely? Have you wondered about spying on somebody’s text messages and that too staying under cover? If so, then keep on reading this article, as we will guide you through a simple way to get started with spying on text messages easily.

Everyday people send so many messages, in fact uncountable! To make things more easy and fun, network providers provide with some awesome packages that lets one to send unlimited text messages to other people. These packs made it easy for people to send messages and start chatting! While one thing lead to other, text messaging actually made it easy to convey messages easily and secretively. Did you know that text messaging is all the more famous among children other than adults?

Children excessively text each other, which automatically adds on to the hefty phone bills! But all this texting consecutively has supported bullying as well. We all know how common is bullying among kids, and they have somehow found a way to do so through text messages. If you are a worried parent who wants to know whether or not their child is being bullied or bullies someone else, then the best way to found it out is by spying on text messages.

How To Spy On Text Messages Remotely?

Monitoring text messages is really easy and one can do so by installing a small app in the child’s cell phone. This app is widely known as SMS Spying software. Simply put this software in your child’s cell phone, and when it has been installed, the app will start monitoring each and every activity of your child’s cell phone. There’s not just sms spying that this software does, but it does more than that.

SMS spy is basically a stealth app which is designed in a clever way that it never reveals its presence in the host cell phone. In simple words, you can install it in your child’s phone and forget about it, because there will be no icon in the app directory of the cell phone which might expose the app’s presence.

With the SMS spying app you get to read text messages; the ones that your child sends, as well as the ones which they receive back. So you keep a full track of all the text messages that are being handled over your child’s cell phone.

Also if you constantly worry about your child’s whereabouts, then you can take a sigh of relief! This app also tracks the GPS location of your child, updates the information on a map, which you can see in your user account. With this application you can listen to the calls, read sms’s and emails, view the phonebook details, track GPS location, access the image gallery and much more. A wise parent should definitely invest in a stealth app such as this one to stay updated with their kid’s cell phone activities.

iPhone Calls Tracking Apps

iPhone trackingIf you want to track   iPhone calls than this post is simply for you. I will suggest you the best way that you should monitor iPhone, which includes all of the calls it really entertains .You may also view the GPS information. Let’s get directly straight in how you can easily track iPhone calls under.

How to track iPhone Calls  

The simplest way to do this really is to install spy software that may track everything whatever occurs on the phone. This consists of texts messages as well which can be quite helpful given that lots of conversation taking place in texts nowadays. Similarly calls being recorded will provide you with a big understanding of what exactly is occurring about the phone. You may also find some good mobile spy software that may furthermore observe the particular GPS data.

Which Usually iPhone tracker Software to make use of?

There are many alternatives with regards to using spy software which will keep an eye on what you are doing with the cell? You ought to simply check critiques and find out which is probably one of essentially by far the best dependable and also that have been probably by far the best well-received from the consumer point of view.

Download the iPhone Tracking Software

It is recommended that if you want to get going right now then you apply one step simply by simply staging a plan. However, before you do this you’ll have to know very well what program works most effectively. I’ve examined and also compared numerous applications, as well as the outcomes demonstrate me the following system is the greatest simply because it’s not hard to make use of, it actually functions also, since it is undetectable.

You will want to take a look at this particular software program? Visit: Spy Master Pro

Download it right by using this website and you may start iPhone Spying simply by this evening.

Thus, do you want to begin discovering the truth about your youngster, spouse or perhaps employee?  Use this software